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Consultancy, auditing, monitoring, management, support, design
In the field of renewable energy, heating/cooling and IT projects

Why choose us

Choosing a consultancy partner is tough.
let us convince you


Cande is a team of dedicated architects, engineers, project managers and consultants towards their projects and clients. Our goal is to provide a team of specialist for the account from start to finish.

Cande is more then just an IT company, our team is devoted to renewable energy projects and won't shy away from a challenge. 


We are all professionals and ready to provide projects quickly and efficiently.


Our team is well trained, certified, experienced and know what we are doing. Hands-on team members are guided and supported by the more senior engineers with the objective to share knowledge and excell those that just joined our ranks.


We have a number of brilliant minds ready for building your new projects.

In the need of a solar system or heat pump then our team is there to support you on your journey to become independent on natural gas, lower your energy bill or improve comfort of living.

24/7 support

We are always at your service 24/7/365 for solving any difficulties you would face.

Modern renewable energy solutions demand remote monitoring and support. Is your heat pump reporting an error, then you can have us be informed and we will call you to get back up and running in no time. SolarPanels, inverters and other hardware can all be tied into our Renewable Energy Operations Center (REOP). Cande will take care of the alerts, perform preventative maintenance or solve it from remote.


Cande has energetic people who love what they are doing with us.

Pation is what got us started and what drives us till date. Your vision is our mision ...

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  • Consultancy
  • Support
  • Monitoring
  • Management
  • 24x7x365 available
  • Auditing
  • Assessments
  • Partner level engagement
  • Installation
  • Implementation

Renewable energy

  • Heat pumps
  • Solar panels
  • battery storage
  • Metering